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Amazing!  I was in horrific pain and near surgery when I attended the Hersh Medical seminar.  The next day I had treatment on my hip.  Immediately I started feeling better - within a month I was 50% improved.  No more stabbing pain in my buns - what a blessing!!  I can do stairs and even work out again - without pain!  Thank you Dr. Hersh and Staff.

-- D.P.

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Over many years, my hip and knee had gotten so bad that I could hardly go anywhere.  Getting in and out of the car was a VERY difficult and painful experience - so was  getting in or out of a chair.  Walking was slow and required a walker or cane.  Thanks to Dr. Hersh and my Stem Cell treatment, my hip and knee are improving dramatically.  I can get in and out of the car and chairs, and go places again with little or no pain - and no pain medications at all.  Yosemite here I come!  It's wonderful to have my mobility back!

-- S.M.

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I've lived with severe pain in my hands, feet, and knees for many years.  I had to give up gardening and sculpting because I could not beat the pain.  My regular doctors said I had advanced arthritis, and I could either suffer or try surgery.  I had lost hope.  After learning about stem cell treatment and finding Dr. Hersh, my life has changed completely for the better.  I can stand much longer and use/hold a shovel now -- I'm now able to work in my garden again.  I can even pick up jars and cups:  I'm getting my life back.  Next I'm doing my toes.  Thanks Dr. Hersh!

-- T.R.

Injured my knee in high school, and it worsened in the Marines.  Eventually the pain was all day, every day.  I couldn’t put my weight on it or stand to cook without crazy pain.  I had to use an electric scooter to go shopping. There was “no cartilage” on the x-rays. I got the Right knee treated in July 2016.  By November I could actually walk up stairs normally instead of favoring it.   By December, it was so good I decided to get my other knee done, and its doing well too.

-- R.B.

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Joint replacement surgery and narcotics are multi-billion dollar industries that often fail to provide true healing for those suffering from arthritis and joint pain.  Given the risks and side effects, these options should be a court of last resort.  Stem Cell Therapy has helped many patients avoid joint replacement surgery and heal their damaged tissues. 

We are now providing informational seminars on Joint Regeneration Therapy and alternatives.  Contact us for more information.

We do not accept nor bill insurance plans.  We do offer excellent pricing for cash-paying patients for all procedures.


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